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Foam Strips and Carrying Bags
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We regret to announce that Spring Mills Depot will no longer be selling model train storage
boxes. It has been fun the last 16 years supplying an item the model train market needs.
With the USPS price increase in June 2019 and the recent increase on January 26, 2020,
our mail order business has diminished to the point that we feel manufacturing and selling
model train storage boxes is no longer viable. Here are the new shipping rates:

City Zip Code Zone
(from MD)
Shipping Cost Before 7/1/19 Shipping Cost
Before 1/26/20
Shipping Cost
After 1/26/20
% Increase in
7 Months
Codorus, PA 17311 1 $24.20 $44.35 $47.15 195%
Floral Park, NY 11001 2 $24.20 $44.35 $47.15 195%
Smyrna, NC 28579 3 $29.35 $50.50 $53.75 183%
Portland, ME 04101 4 $35.15 $64.60 $68.85 196%
Bay View, MI 49770 4 $35.15 $64.60 $68.85 196%
Miami, FL 33122 5 $41.91 $43.57 $85.40 204%
Rockbridge, IL 62081 5 $41.91 $43.57 $85.40 204%
Omaha, NE 68157 6 $49.15 $50.13 $100.90 205%
Bent, NM 88314 7 $56.39 $58.69 $116.45 207%
Price, UT 84501 7 $56.39 $58.69 $116.45 207%
Salinas, CA 93901 8 $63.64 $66.25 $131.95 207%
Ketchikan, AK 99901 8 $63.64 $66.25 $131.95 207%

It is obvious that shipping is ridiculous. Unfortunately we have no control over how much
the carriers charge for shipping and we have found no viable alternatives. We therefore
have chosen to focus all of our attention on designing and manufacturing model train cars.

We appreciate your understanding that we did not take this decision lightly. We have
cherished our customers’ loyalty and over the years and look forward to supplying
the model train market with some of the most detailed models ever produced.

We will continue to sell our carrying bags, divider strips, and pads while supplies last.

Foam Strips
We offer foam strips that can be used to cushion your delicate equipment.  And because the foam strips are independent of the foam in the box, you can position them any way you want.  It is possible to weave them in between all sorts of different equipment as the pictures show.  Our storage system offers the most flexibility of any system on the market.
Price: $0.40 each


Foam Pads for N Scale Equipment

We offer 1/2" foam pads that lets N scale equipment lay flat and fit perfectly
in the storage box.  Price: $2.00
NOTE: some N scalers have reported they stand their equipment on their
wheels and they don't need the extra pad.  They discovered an N scale box is
approximately the same height as an HO scale car on its side.

Carrying Bags

Our carrying bags can hold up to four storage boxes.  That is a lot of trains that you can transport in one arm!

We had our bags commercially made to insure the highest quality and durability.  The bag features a Super-Glide zipper.  The carrying handles have been engineered to distribute the weight of the bag.  The bag is water resistant and machine washable.
Price: $69.95