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N&W CF, CG, CH, C2, C10,
and C30 Cabooses - HO scale

Spring Mills Depot is proud to announce our 8th car!

All new tooling for a signature car!!!

Once again Spring Mills Depot is going full tilt
on a project car. If you can't do it right, why do it?

The Norfolk & Western (N&W) started construction on its first “Standard” 8-wheel caboose in 1914 with the CF class wood body caboose. 381 examples of the CF class were constructed in the N&W’s Roanoke Shops from 1914 through 1924 with road numbers from 518000 to 518380. The first all steel caboose built by N&W’s Roanoke Shops was the CG class caboose with 25 examples being built starting in 1927 with road numbers from 518381 to 518405. The CH class caboose was the next caboose made by N&W’s Roanoke Shop’s with 20 examples being built starting in 1940 with road numbers from 518406 to 518425. The N&W’s C2 class caboose followed with 10 examples being built in 1949 by St. Louis Car Company with road numbers from 518436 to 518445.

The next caboose group was the Virginian C-10 class of which 25 examples were built by St. Louis Car Company in 1949 numbered 300 to 324. They were followed by the Virginian C-10a class of which 25 examples were produced from kits by the Virginian in their Princeton, WV Shops from 1957 to 1959 and numbered 325 to 349. Both the C-10 and C-10a classes of cabooses would ultimately become N&W’s C-30 class and C-30a classes respectively after the N&W merger with the Virginian in 1959. The N&W C-30 class cabooses were numbered 530300 to 530324 and the N&W C-30a class cabooses were numbered 530325 to 530349. From the earliest wood CF to the later all steel C-30 and C-30a cabooses many examples continued in service well into the diesel era of the 1970’s and 80’s. With paint schemes ranging from the earliest 1C to the later 3A, all will be represented with period appropriate modeled details. Many foreign railroads obtained secondhand N&W cabooses that received local road paint as proven through historic photographs obtained during research for this project. Up to twenty CF class cabooses with tongue & groove siding, five CF class with plywood siding, and three CG class steel side cabooses will be offered with prototypically correct foreign road paint and details. (If you have photos of the wood CF class caboose lettered for the Norfolk Portsmouth Belt Line RR or US Navy these too can be considered.)

The N&W CF, CG, CH, C2, C10, C10a, C30, and C30a caboose has been a research intensive project. No accurate model exists on the new or used market. We have spent nearly two years working with the Norfolk & Western Historical Society determining the characteristics of these unique cabooses. We believe we will have the most accurate N&W cabooses yet brought to market in any medium. We have learned a lot of lessons working on the B&O I-5/1/2/3 cabooses (almost here) and applied the same principles to the N&W cabooses to offer the most variations while still keeping the car at a reasonable price.

Spring Mills Depot is proud to be able to offer all of these variations on the N&W cabooses with specific to the era details and paint schemes as per the prototype.

We expect delivery of the cars -TBD.

Update 9/9/17: Added tables with links to each type and roadname on the N&W Caboose Artwork page.

Update 9/12/17: Added two more Wabash cabooses to the project
(180721-02 #2658 and 180721-03 #2672).

Update 9/14/17: Added N&PBL caboose #315.

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