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DODX Heavy Duty Flat Cars

Model Photos

We will post model photos of our production models on this page when
they become available. For now, enjoy some of pictures of the painted samples.

At the bottom of this page are the performance test videos
that have been sent to all of our preorder customers.
Click here to go to the videos.

40' container on DODX flat car'%20containers%20on%20DODX%20flat%20cars-3_800x.jpg
Sometimes DOD would lease 40' containers and use the heavy duty flat cars to transport them.
Our cars can handle a 40' container just like the prototype. Often a 20' container or a piece of
equipment would be loaded in the remaining space on the deck of the car.

Performance Test Video #1 - The Helix Test

Performance Test Video #2 - Turnouts and Crossovers

Performance Test Video #3 - The Backwards Test

Check back often!